The spaceclub_berlin is a place for and by young people at orbitall, of the FEZ Berlin, in cooperation with the DLR, several points as aerospace, astronomy and natural science are just some which we are dealing with. During our meetings you can inform you not only about current issues and research results, but also self-gain practical experience and start their own projects. The fold-scientific supervisor and co-operators support the club and are giving possibility to many different events and activities.
We meet in the school every 14 days and also some weekends with special activities. As a member you have the opportunity not only to deepen your knowledge, but you can also participate in the reduced space of the camps orbitall and get a dedicated member access to exclusive events.
The spaceclub_berlin where founded partly by five young and dedicated peaple. As a task of the leadership the five are coordinating that club too.
All children 12 years of age can register for free.