We have a new team member. Now our CanSat-team consists of 7 adolescents: Christina, Nana, Christian, Alec, Adrian, Jasper and Yuna.

The co-operation within the team is very dynamic and efficient. All team members are friendly with each other and we all know each other from previous spacecamps and projects. We often enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice chat before get to work but then we focus on our tasks.

We created a Whatsapp group for all our team members which turned out to be very useful as everyone can share information with other members, or ask for assistance if needed.

Every team member has their own area of experties. One is better at programming, the other better at building. So everyone knows what to do. But we do not just stay in our area of experties, we also are introduced to other fields. For example, if one member has never programmed before he or she can be introduced to the field and may turn out to be quite brilliant in it. But if someone is doing something that they do not usually do, they can ask someone for assistance.

The project is making rapid progress.