At the 14th. of may 2015 the team had a meeting in the oribtall_berlin to prepare our „CanSat“ for Portugal. That day we worked hard because to our journey to Portugal are just a few weeks left and until there we´re having a lot of work to do. As example we dealt with the construction of the parachute on the „CanSat“.


The connection between the parachute and the top of the can is extremely important, neither the parachute could disrupt from the can. To prevent, we take several precautions as example, gluing the knots on the top additively. Also we thought of the output for the parachute. If the parachute opens to early after leaving the inner of the CanSat, it could be that the parachute tangles up with one of the other CanSat`s. Another important point, is the easy exchange of the parachute at the contest, because we will get the exactly velocity, just shortly before the start.




That day we worked on the aerial too. We are using a doublequadhybrid-aerial. Through the classification we haven´t to rectify the aerial directly to satellite, that we can receive the dates. At the German contest we used a yagi-aerial, which we had to rectify directly to the satellite. Because of the unpropitious weather at the starting-day was it not possible the direct rectifying not possible. That problem we won´t have with the new one, what is going to make things easier. To test the aerial we built a provisional “CanSat” which is transmitting little dates. That one was fixed on a bicycle. The bike where going to ride, until we can´t receive any dates anymore.


Another point on the to-do-list was the was the making of the “CanSat as a model. We want to make a 3D printing of the satellite, to make sure about the proportioning inner the satellite. That way we can solve grand obstacles, which the component would be placed well, to save such space how possible. You can tell it an interactive model.