On February 12th 2015 the whole CanSat-Team had a conference at the Orbitall, three of which took
part via Skype. At this meeting the team discussed the guidelines and had a look at the plans of
other CanSat-Teams. Jan Klug, who was in Holland for the team, presented what they did at ESA
and what was discussed. Also pressing matters, such as sponsoring, meetings/appointments and
sensors were brought to attention. The outcome was very progressive.
The team agreed to reformulate the sponsoring request in some minor aspects. The next
appointments involved deadlines for ordering sensors (February 15th 2015) and finding sponsors.
Sylvia set a date (February 22nd 2015) for building the CanSat. The team agreed on a date every
week which would suit everyone to sit down for half an hour, either via Skype or at the Orbitall, to
discuss matters and to ensure progress. Every Thursday, of every week at 7pm the team would get
The team discussed which sensors should be used and where these would be purchased. Also
Adrian and Werner build an antenna. Nana announced that there was urgent need for more
parachute-building-material which will be ordered in the days to come.
On February 12th 2015 the booklets for our CanSat campaign arrived (pictures below).