On this Saturday – from about 4 PM till 1AM – the CanSat team presented itself and the CanSat at the annual 'Long Night of Science' (German: 'Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften') at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

Every year the spaceclub_berlin and orbitall work for the DLR at the Long Night of Science.

The CanSat project received a lot of attention from teenagers, scientists, and parents who were amassed that our team is aged between fifteen and eighteen years of age. We presented the CanSat project and how it works. While several people took interest in the project (also taking a lot of our CanSat pamphlets) we had a live ticker of the Long Night of Science on our Twitter account which also received a lot of attention.

Around 9PM the former German astronaut Dr. Reinhold Ewald visited our team. He gave us his signature wishing us luck, took a picture with the team, and listened very closely when we explained the CanSat project to him. Not long after he left, the team went and had something to eat where they met Dr. Ewald again. He moved to our table and asked some more questions about our CanSat project.